Hemperial Genetics only sell seeds we have bred and grown in our greenhouse and test farm in North Carolina.  This is the first year selling our two strains.  One strain is high in CBG content and the other strain is a 1:1 CBG and CDB hybrid ideal for smokable flower. 

CBG Product Details


The medicinal potential of CBG is garnering much attention. Because CBG is the precursor, or mother cannabinoid molecule, of all the other cannabinoids, it is being heralded as the next big thing. CBG connects with both CB1 and CB2 receptors and it has the potential to provide relief for many conditions. Scientific research is eagerly looking at this cannabinoid. 

What makes CBG, cannabigerol, unique is that it is the precursor to other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. If hemp breeders genetically maximize CBG production, the plant’s molecular pathways go no further, and CBD and THC production is greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. This means that specifically bred CBG varieties are Total THC Compliant and can be grown to full flower maturity.

Besides being an ideal candidate for CBG extraction, Hemperial H-III PREMIUM CBG is also highly smokable. We paid close attention to the terpene profile as we bred the strain which is described as having effervescent notes of citrus with notes of lemon and lime.  



Hemperial’s new III CBG strain has been tested as high as 18.9% CBG with THC levels at the extraordinary low level of 0.1%.

The high level of CBG and easy THC compliance make it a good option for farmers looking to get into the CBG market. Germination rates have been tested at 95% or higher and feminization rates have been tested by Phylos at 99%.

Hemperial Genetics is currently growing the first commercial batch of seeds in our greenhouses in North Carolina.  They will be available for delivery in late May early June for a late grow in warmer climates or greenhouse grows.  The seeds are genetically stable and robust and ready to make successful, high value crops.

CBG-CBD STRAIN: The Hempsmen Hybrid 1:1 GBG and CBD Seeds


Hemperial’s new extraordinary, one-of-kind, The Hempsmen is a special bread combination of CBG and CBD strain has been tested at 5 to 8% CBG and 5 to 10% CBD with 0.3% THC or under.

The combination of CBG and CBD, combined with a rich terpene profile makes this hybrid strain a good option for growers, large and small, looking to get into the smokables market. Germination rates have been tested at 95% or higher and feminization rates have been tested at Phylos at 95%.

Making “The Hempsmen” even more valuable, are the incredible size of colas and the exceptional number of colas on the plants.  If grown based on our proprietary SOPs, and especially if you use SoilBiotics proprietary soil amendments, growers should be able to get twice the amount of smokable flower per plant in comparison with the typical hemp strains.


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