Cannabis Sativa L is mother nature’s pharmacy. To date more than 140 different biologically active compounds have been found in this ancient plant species.  Perhaps the most interesting is CBG (cannabigerol).


CBG is the subject of numerous human pharmacological studies. Peer reviewed scientific data has determined that this compound is highly effective in mitigating cellular inflammation thus providing significant relief for such serious diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, seizures and lupus.  Evidence indicates that CBG is more effective than CBD as it crosses the blood-brain barrier at a much faster rate and higher concentration.


Hemperial Has Two CBG Strains in its
“Medicine Cabinet” from “Natures Pharmacy”


Hemperial since its inception has conducted research on breeding a premium CBG cultivar of industrial hemp, which meets the very low THC standard required by federal and state regulation.

Hemperial H-III CBG Stain (Patent-Pending)

Our breeding program has yielded a “Gem” of a cultivar! Hemperial H-III CBG is a proprietary strain of industrial hemp yielding a CBG content of 16-22% with low concentrations of CBD and THC below 0.1%. This strain is ideal for extracting CBG oils for consumer products and CBG flower is the most sought-after pre-roll smokable cannabis. In addition, we are formulating tinctures and dermal patches containing a therapeutic dose of cannabigerol.


“The Hempsmen” 1:1 Hybrid CBD/CBG Strain (Patent-Pending)

Our program has also yielded a second strain, The Hempsmen Hybrid 1:1 GBG and CBD, that is a unique and highly sought-after hybrid of around 5 to 8% CBG and 5 to 10% CBD, again with THC below the Federal level of 0.3%. This strain is idea for pre-roll smokable flower.
Our seed strain has been independently analyzed and patented. In addition, the plant total biomass and number/weight of flower cola’s has proven to be resilient, high yielding and higher returns for growers . Plants often exceed 200-300% the total biomass and flower offtake of the most sought after CBD strains. 


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