Soil Amendments to Increase Yield

We will provide two treatments of our unique microbial product that has been academically tests and proven in field tests. 

In a recent controlled scientific test involving 1,800 plants, SoilBiotics use resulted in an:


  • 85% increase in average plant height
  • 37% increase in average upper plant biomass by
  • 220% increase in average number of colas per plant
  • 66% increase in average cola weight

More Information about SoilBiotics


SoilBiotics Applied to Increase Yield


SoilBiotics is a proprietary, patent-pending and intensively researched formulation of 17 living microbes, both bacterial and fungal, that are naturally found in soils around the world.  SoilBiotics has one of the highest concentrations of active microbes available from any soil enhancement product.

SoilBiotics increases soluble nutrients in soil.  It also increases enzymatic degradation of soil organic matter and boosts growth promoting hormones leading to enhanced plant growth.  The microbes in SoilBiotics colonize the rhizosphere and rhizoplane surfaces of roots promoting soil-borne pathogen and parasitic nematode protection.

The naturally occurring microbes in SoilBiotics work symbiotically with plants to enhance nutrient uptake, which is vital to plant health and provides plants additional energy for growth, defense and reproduction.  Our microbes provide soil roots with growth promoting hormones resulting in large fibrous feeder-root development.

SoilBiotics Maximizes Nutrient Availability.  It causes the rapid breakdown and incorporation of organic matter providing soluble macro and micro ingredients to plant roots.  Thus, it replaces and amplifies the natural soil microorganisms that are depleted through intense farming and overuse of chemical controls.  SoilBiotics restores and increases the populations of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms in the soil, resulting in optimal crop yield and health.

SoilBiotic’s microorganisms inhabit the root surface and root zone, helping to breakdown, hold, and transport nutrients and water.  Our saprophytic microorganisms unlock chemical bonds by decomposing soil organic matter facilitating nutrient uptake that would not otherwise be available to the plant.

Extraction Services

Hemperial, through its sister organization Stark Extractions can extract the CBG oils from your harvested hemp crop if you wish. Like other extraction service providers, we can extract the CBG for a small percentage of resulting Oil production, the size of the percentage will depend on tested CBG content of your harvest, but in all cases, for buying our seed, we will discount below industry average pricing.
We are currently operating in Medford, Oregon and plan to have a second operation open by harvest 2021.


Extraction Technology Description


We provide extraction services through our sister-company, Stark Extractions. A portion of Stark’s proprietary extraction system is shown on the right, the base equipment has been successfully tested having processed over 5 million pounds of CBD hemp biomass for several clients, creating winterized crude.

The technology we use is unlike anything in the market today. It is unique because of the combination of several factors. First, it uses organic solvents, not hydrocarbons. It processes wet bailed and wrapped hemp, which reduces the farmers risk and saves the farmer significant money and reduces lost cannabinoid yield. It is mobile so the technology can be deployed where it is needed.

Wet Biomass can be directly fed into the system which can process several tons of biomass an hour. Stark’s technology is more efficient than other high-capacity extraction methods at extracting all the cannabinoids from the hemp biomass. Its extraction efficiency is equal to if not greater than ethanol extraction methods. But its technology is significantly faster than any ethanol system and can process wet biomass, which ethanol methods cannot do.

The proprietary technology creates an extraordinarily high-quality and clean winterized crude, pictured on the left, comparable if not better than CO2 methods. Yet, it’s extraction process is substantially faster and costs less than CO2 extraction methods.

Stark’s system is primarily mechanical, involving organic, non-volatile, natural solvents. This makes it easier and less expensive to operate with fewer, less skilled people. Its organic processes will enhance its market appeal and increase margins for farmers selling their organic grown hemp crops.

Pre-Roll Manufacturing

We are operating a pre-roll manufacturing operation in Oklahoma and for quality harvests, and if you wish, we will produce your pre-rolls for a small percentage of the production output.  That percentage will be determined based on the quality of your harvest.


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